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I need help creating characters for a story, wanna help?  I could use it.... please?

So..., I'm writing a new post-apocalyptic story like thing, mor like a comic to go online, [one of about six hundred...] and I was looking to create more characters for my story.  I'm getting tired of trying to create new characters because they all seem to look alike and have the same basic style of EVERYTHING, so i'm turning to anyone who can read this and i'm asking for you to help me out by creating a character.  They don't have to be major characters and they dont have to be background characters, i just really want some type of fleshy thing to come out of this story and what better way to accomplish this than asking real people who are not me to come up with characters?  So, please help, if you wanna, or just bad-mouth my whole idea, i don't really care.  Here's some guidelines,
I need-

Name:  Age:  Class:  Sub Division:  Rank:  Hold:    
Physical Discription:  [hair, eyes, clothes, mutations, accessories, etc.]
Attitude:  [personality, mentality, personal likes/dislikes, abilities, etc.]
History:  [anything goes really.]
Pic/Look:  [you can draw a picture, get one from the internet, or just give me an EXTREMELY DETAILED description of them{like the physical, plus some.}]

These are what I need and now i will explain the classes, subdivisions, ranks, and holds;


Homeowners:  People who are relatively peaceful people, they live in family groups in houses above ground.  They hunt and grow their own food, and they usually consist of one family in a building or several families in a building.  Being peaceful people they try to avoid many of the Nomads and all the Dwellers.  

Nomads:  Groups of ten or more people who roam about the country above ground in gangs that claim turfs and territories.  Many want the world to be up and running again the way it was back in the old days, with or without technology.  They fight the monsters that live now and manage to stay alive that way.  They fake bully the Homeowners and avoid the Dwellers.  

Dwellers:  People who dwell in the underground areas.  The Homeowners avoid them and the Nomads fear them.  They have entire city like communities underground that most people don't really know about.  Surface people think there are very few of them around.  They are ruthless fighters and sometimes viscious people.  

Sub Divisions:

Families:  One family that lives in one building, small or large.  
Podstands:  Two or more families that live in one building, small or large.

Gangs:  The more violent types.  They will pick fights and claim territories and fight off anyone who tries to take their areas.  
Searchers:  The more passive type.  They just wander around, not really claiming territories but looking for some way to restore the world to power.

Dealers:  The crazy gun people.  They go above and below ground selling whatever weapons they can dish together, they supply the Nomads and Homeowners with these weapons to fight off the monster animals.
Mercenaries:  Not really guns for hire, they go about just fighting off whatever they can.  Sometimes they get hired to protect groups of families.  They are VERY VISCIOUS.  


Fighter:  These people are the muscle behind most operations. Homeowners dont usually have them, Nomads have at least 5 of them, and Dwellers pretty much consist of them.  
Negotiator:  These people try to keep peace sometimes.  Homeowners mostly consist of these, Nomads have at least three, and Dwellers do not commonly have any among them, but there are a select few.
Leader:  All Classes have at least one leader.  Homeowners usually have one or two, Nomads have at least two [usually a male and female], and Dwellers leave it up to fighting to decide how their ranks are [the strongest lead].  


NOVA:  This is a group that started out as Nomad Searchers.  They have found government hidden secrets and such from before the apocalypse began and they want to go around changing the world to make it as industrial as it once was before the bombs were dropped.
AVON:  This group was originally Nomad Gangs.  They don't like the idea that the NOVA want to restore the world as it once was because they like their power that they have right now and they don't think they should have to go back to how anything was before everything happened.  

It's pretty much a 'humans' thing [sorry vampire/werewolf people] but there are 'mutations' and if you really want the whole thing with vampires/werewolves/ other supernatural stuffs to exist, maybe i can make something happen.  If you have no interest in taking part in this stuff, whatevs, i could really use your characters, and feel free to make as many as you want.  

Side Note:  Mutations dont have to be anything gross or weird, it could be something like enhanced abilities, or something simple.  

Thanks for helping [if you do], and thanks for reading... sorry its wicked long though, and I look forward to seeing your characters if you help me. <3
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